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Salvation Army side table find

By John Horner

I have been wanting to share things other than photography here lately. So here we go. One of the many things that Tamra and I like to do is to go vintage shopping and to fix up our old house in Durant, Oklahoma. Ok well that’s two things, but anyways. We are always looking through antique shops and thrift stores for photography props and items that make our house more our style. A lot of times we look through furniture stores to get ideas for things to make. We love to make and repurpose goods to sometimes save hundreds of dollars.

Our dads taught us a lot about making things. My Dad taught me a lot when I was young, from making and repairing things to building houses. He used to weld toys for me to play with which were so cool because they would not break, haha. Tamra’s dad would make all kinds of furniture and toys for the kids out of wood for our family. They would spend a lot of time together making items for our house when we were young and poor. Tamra and her dad made our butcher block table, high chair, and redid a crib from a thrift store for our home. Weather it be welding, woodworking, or sewing Tamra and I continue on what our family has taught us and hopefully we can pass it on to our children, if they will listen.

Here is a side table that I picked up for $15 dollars at the Salvation Army in Ardmore, Ok. I got it home and we sanded it down and repainted it with turquoise spray paint. It turned out great and fits right in with our home. So in all we have about $20 in this side table. Totally beats a stick in the eye.



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