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Photo Shoot for Josh Messick and Erin Rogers of Honest Dulcimer

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We had the opportunity to do a commercial photo shoot for Russell Cook of Master Works Dulcimers and Bowed Psalteries. Through this photo shoot we met Joshua Messick which designed Master Works website, go check it out www.masterworksok.com

Joshua Mesick and Erin Rogers were working on an album together at the time.  They hired us do a photoshoot for their album Honest Songs of Hope. You can order it here www.honestdulcimer.com Joshua plays the hammer dulcimer and Erin Rogers plays the mountain dulcimer. They are both National Champions and it shows through their music. The two are so talented and gifted by God, it is truly amazing music. You can also check out Josh’s site www.joshuamessick.com and Erin’s site www.scenicroots.com for more info.

This photo shoot was split up into an early morning shoot and a sunset shoot so that we could get to different looks. They wanted to show their journey from darkness and struggles to light and Gods love for them. This first photo is a double exposure showing their eyes were opened, reveling what God has in store for them. These were taken in a forest near Durant, Oklahoma. The church in the photos below, is actually a church that has been moved and was on blocks out in the country. It was an amazing atmosphere with the horses running around as the sun came up! The photos taken at sunset were on Russell’s land in Bennington, Ok.

These are just a few of the photographs we took for their album. We had an amazing time with them and Russell and Merla Cook and Joshua makes the most ridiculously awesome smoked brisket and ribs! Ever. I hope everyone enjoys the photos

I took this off of the Honest Dulcimer website so that you can learn a little more about Joshua and Erin.

This album was created out of personal hardship in each of our lives. From this brokenness came the desire to communicate a real and healing message of hope. Honest is two people begging for healing from God, seeking the Truth, and learning that He is faithful no matter the circumstances. Living honest starts with admitting that we are hurting and need help. It is a continual quest for truth and transformation in our lives; the beginning of revival in our hearts. Here, we share songs of hope that helped us find God’s peace in our times of darkness. We pray that you would find encouragment in the music and be challenged to live Honest.


I began playing hammer dulcimer when I was nine and was honored to be titled the 2003 National Champion. I used to play only for the purpose of becoming good. Now, I play music because I love it with an understanding that music is God’s gift to experience His love and healing. And, it wasn’t until I endured a season of grief that I came to this understanding. Honest was recorded while my heart was broken and continues to be a balm in my life.


I received a mountain dulcimer for my seventh birthday, won the national championship in 2004, and knew I wanted to play music for the rest of my life. It was not until I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2007 that I began to fully understand the power of music to soothe the weary soul and heal the heart.  Playing dulcimer in the chemo room helped me get through some of the hardest days of my life, and that experience influences every note I play today.

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