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My girl, Dallas texas children photography

By John Horner

My baby girl is growing up before my eyes. I can still remember her sweet little voice over the phone when I was in camp Fallujah Iraq. She was not even talking before I left. She would say hi daddy in her high pitched little voice. She has always been so sweet, even as a newborn; she was the best baby.

Her birthday is coming up on June 24th and I thought I would share these pictures that Tamra took of her.

Naomi wants to own her own pastry shop someday and she always listens to me talk about business no matter how boring it is. She loves to cook and makes the best brownies and chocolate chip cookies ever. Naomi loves music and is always talking to us about awesome music shes heard. She loves softball and has always been aggressive, all while having a big smile on her face. She laughs all of the time and is always happy to help us out with projects and Finley. Tamra and I say she will make a great mother one day by the way she cares for Finley.

Naomi you shine God’s love all of the time. We love you so much and never change as you go older. Remain sweet and caring all through out your life.



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