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Kids at Lake Texoma taken with iphone and instagram

We had so much fun swimming at Lake Texoma. The lake is amazing, great for swimming and photography. The beaches are kept up and the water is clear. Our family likes to go to East Burns Run and West Burns Run, two great swimming areas with some awesome scenery.

The first time we were there a storm was rolling in that had some amazing clouds, perfect for photos. The second day there was a perfect sunset in the evening that reflected off the water so nicely. The sunset looked so amazing with the kids playing in the water I had to get my phone. I held on to my beloved iphone, tightly with both hands, as I waded out to got some great shots. It was so worth it!

We are so addicted to Instagram. The photo app does a really good job and our phone is always with us, so there’s never a lost photo opportunity. Gone are the days of us wishing we had our camera! These are just a few of the pics we took the two days we were there. We are planing another photo shoot with baby Finn on the beach, with our DSLR of course. So check back soon. We will post the pics as soon as we take them.