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Homemade Arrows and Christmas Ornaments | McKinney Texas Family Photographer

This year we wanted Christmas Tree ornaments that looked more homemade, vintage, and outdoorsy. So we ran to Target and picked up some nice ornaments that fit the bill and then headed home to figure out what we could make ourselves.

Tamra and I made some arrows inspired by Land of Nod. Tamra started out by wrapping twigs with different colors of yarn that we had. Then I set out making the arrow heads and feathers. I used metal flashing that goes on the bottom of homes for the arrow heads and feathers. You can find flashing at any hardware store. Also you need some good tin snips or metal shears, I use Wiss metal shears with the red handle. They work awesomely. I started by cutting the head out about a 3/4″ from the end of the flashing. After I got two sides of the triangle cut I moved over 3/4″ and cut a straight line. Then I cut along the bottom and this gave me two feathers and one head. Then I made little cuts all the way up the metal to make it look more like feathers. I then cut out two little tabs at the bottom and then bent them so that I could hot glue them on later. After this I spray painted the feathers and the arrow head all different colors. Next thing to do after the paint dries is to cut a notch in the front of the arrow shaft with a Dremal tool cut off wheel. Last thing is to hot glue the feathers on with the tabs that were bent out and to add a little bit of hot glue to the arrow head where it goes into the notch that was cut on the arrow shaft.

For the acorn garland, Tamra, our daughter Naomi and niece Carrie painted each acorn a different color with acrylic paint from the craft section. After that they hot glued the acorn caps back on and then hot glued acorns to some jute twine. That is it.



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