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Photos of our awesome trip to Galveston, Texas

Galveston texas  children photographer+ Galveston texas photographer+By John Horner

We decided at the last minute to head down to Galveston Texas for some spring break fun. I took off work at 5:30am Friday and we asked the kids were they wanted to go when they woke up. Next thing we know we’re loading into the car and headed south. It was a long drive with a 10 month old little boy but it was so worth it when we got there.

It was a cold 45 degrees with the wind blowing in Durant, Ok and when we got to Houston it was 65 degrees at 8:00 pm, it was so awesome. We enjoyed the Houston skyline at night with the windows rolled down as we drove to our destination. We got there around 8:30 and enjoyed one of our favorite restaurants, Fish tails. We set on the deck and reviled in the cool breeze as we ate and watched all the cars and people go by. The kids were excited and they could not wait to go to the beach.

We woke up early the next morning, devoured breakfast, and went to the beach. It was foggy that morning, providing an amazing backdrop to our fun family pictures. Naomi found all kinds of seashells, Ethan found a dead catfish, and Finley just went back and forth on the beach looking for long objects to hold.

Later that day, the kids enjoyed lunch in the downtown area. We drove and walked around that fun afternoon trying to take in as much as we could before we had to be back to the beach. There were many antique stores downtown that Tamra and I wanted to go to, but we did not want to drag Ethan and Naomi around. Plus we would have probably bought more crap than our little car could have handled. (On our last trip down there ten years ago, Tamra and I were separated for eight hours by an Ikea shelf box that we bought in Houston) oh the crap me and Tamra do!

That evening we got back to our room, rested, and then headed back to the beach. Ethan and Naomi had a blast in the water as Finley played in the sand with me and momma. We took a lot more pictures that night of the kids and we ended it all with some pictures of the Ethan and Naomi light painting.

We had the time of our lives there in Galveston and we hope to come back soon. Here are a few of the pictures that we took on our spring break mini vacation. Hope everyone enjoyed their spring break as much as we did. Let us know about what you did on your spring break or what your favorite thing to do in Galveston are.

Enjoy life,
John Horner


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