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Falls Creek 2011 week two

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Three crosses at Falls Creek









By John Horner

We were at Falls Creek last week and it was amazing. Falls Creek is a Baptist youth camp located in Davis, OK in the Arbuckle mountains. The terrain is breathtaking and offers many great photo ops. There are waterfalls, streams, and large rock formations that are amazing.

The staff and campers at Falls Creek are so cool. They provide an atmosphere that is like no other, it is almost what heaven may be like. Ed Newton was our “speaker dude” . He really relates to the youth and they all love to listen to him. Ed has a great testimony and has an insane amount of scripture in his head. Also, he is very energetic and funny, which kept

everyone listening.

It was sad to have to come home but we finally got some much needed rest. Here are a few pictures that we took of Falls Creek. Enjoy.

Tamra Horner at Falls Creek+“Speaker Dude”Consumed Falls Creek Ed Newton

Consumed Falls Creek Ed Newton

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Falls Creek 2011