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Happy Easter! Sherman texas photography


By John Horner

I was driving through Sherman Texas the other day and I found this amazing wall at a vacant building. I got home and told Tamra about it and next thing we know, we are loaded up and headed to do a photo shoot with our daughter Naomi. It’s awesome having our girl to model for us!

We got there early in the evening when the light was perfect. In these photos Tamra just used natural light. In some of the shots we used a prism in front of the lens. On the canon 5d mark iii, it blurs the side of the shots while adding some color. On the iPhone, it shows up as two separate pictures, which I thought adds a cool fashion photography effect.
This effect is known as prisming.

We used the new Sigma 35mm 1.4 art line lens for most shots and we love it. The lens is so amazing. The background blur is perfect and the in focus details are crisp. This is the lens that we keep on our camera most of the time. We also used the Sigma 15mm 2.8 fisheye for the wide photos. This lens gets 180 degree field of view, which is awesome for some shots.

Hope everyone has a happy Easter. We had a great time today with family and friends. I thank Jesus for giving us this amazing life and for giving his life for us.