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Our Little Three Ring Circus

By John Horner

I’m finally getting this posted. We did this around the 1st of August on the farm in Bokchito,Ok on a day that was extremely HOT! The idea for this shoot all started from us buying Finley a little dumbbell rattle from Zgallery in Plano! We thought it was so funny and we said we should do a shoot of him as the strongest man. Our wheels started turning and we finally decided to do a three ring circus photo shoot. Ethan would be rocket boy, Naomi would be trapeze artist/ snake handler, and Finley the strongest baby. We bought and made all kinds of things for this photo shoot. Tamra sewed the kids costumes and we both worked on making all of the little props.

The lighting setup was a 60″parabolic umbrella to camera left and a silver 43″ umbrella to camera right. We were going for lighting that mimicked the circus and this setup worked great.

To get these shots of Finn took alot of patience and speed. I worked on keeping him safe and looking towards the camera, while Tamra was ready to get the perfect shot. Ethan and Naomi did all of their own posing, which is crazy. We didn’t have to tell them anything! We are so happy with our little three ring circus. Tamra and I can’t wait until we can do another themed family shoot. We’ll post more shoots in the future of our little family, so check back soon. Feel free to ask questions and comment.