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Our new baby boy Finley!!!

By John Horner

Baby Finley Jack Horner was born May 2, 2012, weighing 8lbs 12oz. Our family is so happy and he is doing so well. We took him on his first photo shoot yesterday and he is a natural, lol. We’re editing them now and we’ll try and have them posted soon.

Tamra is doing great and she loves her time with the baby so much. It’s awesome to see those little baby mannerisms again; we forgot what it’s like since our older kids are nine and eleven. The time in Durant hospital was such a good experience. The nurses are so great there and they make you feel so comfortable. They would all just come in and talk to us as they were doing their job. It was such a good experience that we didn’t want to leave, haha. It was nice being waited on and cared for, but it was good to come home.

Here is just a few pictures that we have taken while in the hospital and when he was sleeping with sis. Hope to get some more posted soon!