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Chase and Jenna – Dallas, Tx destination wedding photographer

By John Horner

I am just now getting around to posting the second half of Chase and Jenna’s wedding we photographed last June in Harmony, Florida. We have been really busy here lately, because, well its summer and summers are busy. Enjoy

Chase+Jenna_285+ Chase+Jenna_284+ Chase+Jenna_286+ Chase+Jenna_282+ father of the bride wearing a gopro camera. florida wedding photographer + Chase+Jenna_287+ groomsmen praying over the groom, dallas texas destination wedding photographer + groomsmen turquoise ties and suspenders, gray pants. + Chase+Jenna_298+ Chase+Jenna_306+ Chase+Jenna_311+ Chase+Jenna_321+ Chase+Jenna_314+ Chase+Jenna_317+ Chase+Jenna_320+ Chase+Jenna_333+ Chase+Jenna_349+ Chase+Jenna_350+ Chase+Jenna_352+ Chase+Jenna_357+ Chase+Jenna_361+ Chase+Jenna_363+ Chase+Jenna_368+ Chase+Jenna_371+ Chase+Jenna_375+ Chase+Jenna_381+ Chase+Jenna_385+ Chase+Jenna_387+ Chase+Jenna_389+ Chase+Jenna_390+ Chase+Jenna_394+ Chase+Jenna_398+ Chase+Jenna_399+ Chase+Jenna_407+ Chase+Jenna_411+ Chase+Jenna_420+ Chase+Jenna_426+ harmony florida wedding photography + Chase+Jenna_429+ Chase+Jenna_433+ bride and groom first lords supper together, bread and wine wedding ceremony + Chase+Jenna_442+ Chase+Jenna_458+ Chase+Jenna_459+ Chase+Jenna_461+ wedding guest praying around bride and groom. harmony florida wedding, dallas wedding photographer+ Chase+Jenna_469+ Chase+Jenna_484+ Chase+Jenna_485+ Chase+Jenna_487+ Chase+Jenna_493+ Chase+Jenna_499+ Chase+Jenna_500+ harmony florida wedding, bride and groom, destination wedding photographer in the dallas texas area+ Chase+Jenna_525+ Chase+Jenna_526+ Chase+Jenna_527+ Chase+Jenna_528+ Chase+Jenna_529+ Chase+Jenna_530+ Chase+Jenna_535+ Chase+Jenna_538+ Chase+Jenna_542+ Chase+Jenna_565+ Chase+Jenna_568+ Chase+Jenna_577+ Chase+Jenna_585+ Chase+Jenna_592+ dallas tx wedding photographer, florida destination wedding photography+ Chase+Jenna_598+ Chase+Jenna_602+ Chase+Jenna_611+ Chase+Jenna_615+ Chase+Jenna_616+ Chase+Jenna_621+ Chase+Jenna_622+ Chase+Jenna_628+ Chase+Jenna_635+ Chase+Jenna_637+ Chase+Jenna_640+ Chase+Jenna_642+ Chase+Jenna_648+ Chase+Jenna_658+ Chase+Jenna_835+ Chase+Jenna_834+ Chase+Jenna_833+ Chase+Jenna_832+ Chase+Jenna_829+ Chase+Jenna_828+ Chase+Jenna_827+ Chase+Jenna_821+ Chase+Jenna_820+ Chase+Jenna_819+ Chase+Jenna_818+ Chase+Jenna_817+ Chase+Jenna_816+ Chase+Jenna_815+ Chase+Jenna_814+ Chase+Jenna_813+ Chase+Jenna_812+ Chase+Jenna_660+ Chase+Jenna_662+ Chase+Jenna_664+ Chase+Jenna_665+ Chase+Jenna_667+ Chase+Jenna_668+ Chase+Jenna_673+ Chase+Jenna_706+ Chase+Jenna_710+ Chase+Jenna_713+ Chase+Jenna_722+ Chase+Jenna_726+ Chase+Jenna_727+ Chase+Jenna_728+ Chase+Jenna_729+ Chase+Jenna_732+ Chase+Jenna_735+ Chase+Jenna_737+ Chase+Jenna_740+ Chase+Jenna_742+ Chase+Jenna_750+ Chase+Jenna_751+ Chase+Jenna_752+ Chase+Jenna_753+ Chase+Jenna_754+ fun reception photography, dallas texas wedding photographer + Chase+Jenna_778+ harmony florida wedding reception photography. destination wedding photographer + fisheye wedding reception photography, dallas texas destination photographer + Chase+Jenna_791+ Chase+Jenna_797+ Chase+Jenna_798+ harmony florida wedding exit with confetti poppers + Chase+Jenna_804+ Chase+Jenna_806+ Chase+Jenna_808+

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